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Ho Chi Minh City University Medical Center conference on patient care improvements supported by Vi Pha Co

August 29, 2017 Writen by vipha

Vi Pha Co has recently joined the annual conference gathering nurses from all South Vietnam on patient care improvements. Hosted at the Medical University of Ho Chi Minh city, this annual conference theme was focused on improving the patient comfort and safety in the hospital.

First company in Vietnam to introduce disposable sterile barrier to reduce cross-infection, Vi Pha Co was presenting the advantages of disposables drapes against cotton drapes to support the transfer started in the recent years. Along with its economic development Vietnam sees a rapid improvement of its health system with better technologies, care and services for both patients and medical staff. Yet, with a low usage in Vietnam, disposable gown, drapes and procedure pack are novelty to the operating room nurses.

Within an hour, we presented the advantages and opportunities brought by the adopting single use surgical items in the operating room. From patient safety to efficiency we explained how such products are an efficient infection barrier and how it helps the nurses to focus their attention on important issues by simplifying their work.

“We are proud to support Vietnam Health improvement and share our knowledge to improve patient safety, surgeons and nurses security toward operating room efficiency and a better healthcare in Vietnam and around the world” says Minh Phong Ha Ngoc, General Director of Vi Pha Co.